Mirador is an unrivalled update on the Mallorcan coast, a small leap to bustling Palma.

This is your sanctuary, a stone’s throw from the hive of Palma. Mirador’s nine residences add a modern lightness to the radiant palette of the coastline. Now home to Mallorca’s boho and arts circuit, Mirador’s surrounds embrace the city’s thriving cultural scene and its best shopping façades. Our expansive residences afford a broad outlook on the Mediterranean, and a peaceful respite within a suburb for art aficionados and sun-searchers alike.

In your Mirador home, the exclusive private concierge membership provided to all residents, ensures every facet of your stay is catered to. Your concierge will tend to each travel, leisure, or luxury need amid your stay—leaving you free to embrace the city’s culinary and cultural highlights.


Our zero-maintenance residences spare no convenience; their intuitive design, coupled with your concierge service, ensures your tranquil getaway. Close to Palma, Mirador is the rare space to afford its residents a certain space and privacy (including private pools), amid the city’s action.

Building up from a large basement garage, to an inviting communal lobby above, the environment then expands into its seven intelligently-designed individual units—each with a private garden, or terrace and pool.

The property’s innovative architecture features exposed concrete ceilings, contrasted for warmth with wood floors, with penthouses which extrude over the other apartments.

The ethos of our design is found in a certain northern European design philosophy; centred on understated elegance, while maintaining a southern flair for the good life. Mirador’s broad spaces, and emphasis on al fresco living in each of the residences, allows for this.

The Penthouses

The Apartments

Penthouse 1

Built area: 223 sq m
Terrace: 99 sq m
Pool: 17 sq m

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Penthouse 2

Built area: 149 sq m
Terrace: 65 sq m
Pool: 12 sq m

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Penthouse 3

Built area: 193 sq m
Terrace: 81 sq m
Pool: 17 sq m

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Apartment 1

Built area: 276 sq m
Garden: 160 sq m
Pool: 23 sq m

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Apartment 2

Built area: 248 sq m
Garden: 175 sq m
Pool: 23 sq m

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Apartment 3

Built area: 209 sq m
Terrace: 37 sq m
Pool: 7 sq m

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Apartment 4

Built area: 178 sq m
Terrace: 33 sq m
Pool: 7 sq m

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With clear-blue seas as its vista, and the happy clamour of adjacent Palma, Mirador is your newest chic getaway. Your only choices jostle between a swim, a gallery visit, or a meal good enough to carry you blissfully into the next siesta. Nestled amid the traditional Mallorcan design, Mirador offers local eateries, diverse shopping, and a cavalcade of hidden spots for your discovery.

Whether you’re pulled towards the mastheads flecking the Calanova port, or summoned by the thrum of Mallorca’s premier beach clubs and bars, Mirador unites the best aspects of the city for holidaymakers and locals alike.


House by Sanz

House by Sanz is a team centred on family-focused, contemporary design, with an emphasis on luxury and sustainable projects. As three siblings, we have joint experience in the domains of interior architecture, marketing and finance. Our mission is to enhance the lives of our residents, by creating long-lasting, exceptional design; this is the natural result of our combined complementary talents, and our enduring passions for restoration. We see value in interpreting the individual – offering personalized experiences and a unique design proposition for each project.

Connoisseurs of good living, we are committed to creating homes with a lasting aesthetic, and employing deep local knowledge for a demanding clientele. The House by Sanz signature is apparent in the level of detail and tireless dedication at every step.

Gras Architects

An award-winning architectural and urban design team, GRAS-Reynés Arquitectos Studio is centred on leading contemporary work, across commercial, residential and urban projects.

Gaining international renown for their Eco-City in Monte Corvo, and special projects such as their 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale entry, Time, Space, Existence, their portfolio belies strengths in innovative, pioneering design.

Founded by Guillermo Reynés, who was recently awarded a 40 Under 40 Europe Design Award, the team has worked on housing projects, multi-family blocks, hotels, office buildings, and distinctive urban projects. Their rigor and excellence is underscored by Reynés’ standing in the global architectural community, as a lecturer at CEU University of Valencia, the IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Barcelona), and the Architecture League in New York.